@darius Do any iOS apps work with Hometown's non-federating-by-default feature? Thanks.

How is the movie Ghost Protocol almost 10 years old?

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@darius I use one but don’t know yet how to update it to a later version, and haven’t gotten around to discovering how.

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@darius could you help with instructions on how to upgrade from the previous version of hometown? First time using git… 😬

@darius looks like hometown is working now. trying it out. missed the "git pull…" command. Needed to create ssh key etc.

Now trying out. Thanks.

@darius dumb question: how do I know if i am running hometown? i followed the wiki instructions using a mastodon account on a fresh vanilla install on a local computer running ubuntu. Followed by
systemctl restart mastodon-web
systemctl restart mastodon-streaming
systemctl restart mastodon-sidekiq
using the root account.


but I can't see any difference when i load my site in the browser. Thank you.

@darius Interesting, thanks. The article encouraged me to install mastodon on a spare computer. Getting my head around it.


This is meant to be a private instance. Thank you.